Cross Country Skiing

Start/Finish Staging Area in Strbske Pleso
Start/Finish Staging Area in Strbske Pleso
Doesn't everyone wish for the natural snow so you can go skiing anytime. My homeland of Leppävirta, Finland, the "Kymppi Areena", is apparently still the world's biggest rock mined (completed 8/2004) where you can ski all year round. Does your own country have the opportunity to ski during the summer in a hall / cave?

This upcoming winter, the largest deaf ski event will take place at the 17th Winter Deaflympics in Slovakia. The starting order for the ski events has been readjusted compared to previous Winter Deaflympics. We are trying to follow the same order as the Winter Olympic Games. Women will have extra rest days because they do not compete in team competitions. It was gratifying to see many new countries among in the preliminary registration. See here -

Slovakia is still having 'technical' problems, so I cannot even tell you more about the ski tracks. Let's hope all the preparations are going well. We will see in a couple of months from now! If you have questions, send me an e-mail: otherwise information about Winter Deaflympics can be found in

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News with photos, competition videos, and instructional videos would be appreciated. Come in and join your cross country skiing fans!

Bids Open for 2013 World Deaf Cross Country Skiing Championships
Bidding is now open to all National Deaf Sports Federation (NDSF) members, chambers of commerce and tourism bureaus, private event organizers, and corporate partners. The deadline to bid for the 2013 World Deaf Cross Country Skiing Championships is 31 January 2011. For details see here -

If your city is willing host, please send application forms and necessary documents to ICSD office before 31 January 2011.

ICSD Technical Director - Cross Country Skiing

By Maarit Tusa