Court Throws out Case Against CISS

Kelby Nathan Brick, Esq.
14440 Cherry Lane Court, Suite 200
Laurel MD 20707     
Laurel, MD - As expected, the United States District Court for the District of Maryland dismissed litigation against Comite International des Sports des Sourds (CISS) leaders.

The Court ruled that plaintiff Rafael Pinchas' complaint was vague, "immaterial" and had "conclusory accusations" full of a "mass of verbiage." The Court stated that despite an interpretation to allow the rules to be bent in favor of the plaintiff, the complaint still failed to present a clear statement of his claims. As a result, the Court further ruled that the Plaintiff violated basic rules and procedures warranting the dismissal of his claims.

While remaining confident, the CISS and its defendants are pleased with the Court's decision. They have previously asserted that the lawsuit was baseless and completely unsupported by facts.

"We will not allow the plaintiff's actions to divert CISS from its obligation and commitment to serve all its members fairly and ethically while promoting the ideals behind the CISS Motto--Per Ludos Aequalitas - Equality through sports. The CISS will continue to develop and to promote sport training and competition in the deaf international sporting community and promote international relations on the playing field," commented President John Lovett.

The Court has allowed the plaintiff twenty (20) days to re-file in order to clarify his intentions. If the re-filing occurs, the CISS expects that it will still be dismissed once again. Kelby Brick, an attorney representing the defendants, stated that that "we will not allow the plaintiff to use personal attacks and blackmail tactics to weaken the CISS and its Constitution. This is not negotiable. The law and the court are on our side. If Mr. Pinchas wants to drop his personal vendetta, we will listen to any offer he wishes to make."

The Comité International des Sports des Sourds (CISS) is the oldest of international sportsorganizations on sport for disabled people. Founded in 1924 and given full recognition by the International Olympic Committee (IOC), the CISS is the body which controls the Deaflympics. The CISS is composed of national deaf sports organizations and is managed by an executive committee of nine persons, all of whom are deaf.

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