Clarification on team withdrawals and penalty fees

I am pleased that many media companies and individuals have contacted the DEAFLYMPICS first to double-check on an article printed in regarding countries withdrawing their teams from the 2005 Deaflympics.  It was an excerpt from  It was evidently written by someone who harbors ill feelings against the organization and the Games. 
Reasons for withdrawal vary- from budget constraints to injuries to lack of proper training. BUT, I am pleased to say that there are some new countries that are ready to replace those countries. 

Countries who had submitted preliminary/final entries in team sports are liable to pay penalty fees prior to the commencement of the Games.  We will know more when we get to Melbourne.  This is not something new.  Every 4 years, we normally see some countries withdrawing at last minute. I feel confident that those countries will uphold to their responsibilities and obligations as full members as they always have in the past.   

During the Games, please check for daily results.  The Melbourne Games will be the BEST ever!

Donalda K. Ammons
Interim President
Secretary General

By Donalda Ammons