Chief Executive's Corner

Following the failure of Vancouver 2015 late last year and of Slovakia 2011 this year, ICSD was presented with the news that the Greek government will not support the 2013 Deaflympics. There was never any contract with the Greek government, or even a letter of support. So there was no legal means of preventing the Greek government from walking away.

Instead of completely cancelling 2013, ICSD is currently seeking alternative hosts. ICSD hopes to be able to present alternatives to congress in Rome. ICSD will only present bids for voting by delegates if full financial guarantees are provided by those bids. It is not reasonable to ask athletes to train for an event when there is no certainty that event will take place.

The needs of athletes have been put at the forefront of ICSD’s work. After many years of inactivity, a new athletes commission is being created. Legendary South African swimmer Terence Parkin has kindly agreed to help with this work.

ICSD will also continue a strong human rights approach, and was recently represented on a United Nations Enable sports panel for the first time ever. This work is continuing, with the support of WFD. But the needs of athletes as sports men and women will be ICSD’s top priority.

The needs of deaf athletes will be a primary focus for congress and preparations for congress are moving quickly. 59 members have submitted Powers of Attorney forms and I encourage you all to quickly work on your accommodation and visa matters with the ICSD office and with the FSSI. An agenda and motions will be distributed a month before Congress and ICSD invites you to study these carefully. We have much to do.

Very best wishes,

Chief Executive

By Mark Cooper