Hello my friends to Bowlers!

Since 2010, a lot of work has been done with Organizing Committee of the 2011 World Deaf Bowling Championships in Argentina. The rules for Bowling Technical Regulations are almost done. You can check the website link  This website includes the Bowling Technical Regulations, WTBA Rules, Approved Bowling Balls, audiogram form, accommodation price list, etc.

Likewise, you can view the World Deaf Bowling page in Facebook -

The Organizing Committee will send Final Entry Form via e-mail to all Members first week of May 2011.

I met with USBC-United States Bowling Congress when I traveled to Dallas, Texas last February 2011. At USBC, I met with Eric Kearney who is Officer of Education and Diversity. My Daughter Danielle interpreted for me while he showed me around. There was a technical bowling alley, pins of all sorts, a hall of fame and so on. Eric mentioned that Deaf National Bowling teams of different countries could possibly be added to  If you let me know, I will forward him information. He did say it was for Deaf National teams, not just Clubs.

Less than 140 days to go!

Best Regards,

Kazimierz CHODAK
ICSD Technical Director - Bowling

By Kazimierz Chodak