Best Wishes messages from London

The Deaf Adults at the City Lit Centre for Deaf People in London, England have been studying the history of Olympic Games as well as the upcoming Deaflympic Games in Melbourne. The group have worked together to produce these messages below!


Good luck with the Deaflympics competition. We think the Deaflympics are good because it's good to be healthy and have energy. It's good that Deaf people all over the world are proud. It's good for the future. It will be some Deaf people's first time in Australia. They will be happy. When it is finished, everyone will be happy. Once again, we wish you the best of luck with the future games.


English Extra


How are you?  We heard about the Deaflympic Games.  It looks really good.  We want more people to take part in the Deaflympics, to see who is best in the competition.  It is looking really successful.  It is good to welcome Deaf people from around the world.  Good luck, and be happy.  Enjoy!


Everyday English