Mayor of Bucheon Hong Gun Pyo and Martin Bogard
Mayor of Bucheon Hong Gun Pyo and Martin Bogard

I went to South Korea after the 21st Summer Deaflympics to do the site inspection for the 3rd World Deaf Badminton Championships which to be held around October 2011.

I was met by the Deaf Officials from Korea Deaf Sports Federation and guided me to Bucheon Gymnasium. The site is between the Incheon (Seoul) International airport and Seoul. The distance is approx 45km from the airport.

I was impressed with the venue.

  • It can hold up to 8 badminton courts.
  • Wood flooring
  • About 5000 seats around the hall (Oval)
  • It has meeting rooms / offices

The outdoor area is spacious and it can be useful for the players who wish to do some jogs.

I visited Hotel Koryo and I was satisfied with it. We had to rush to meet the Mayor of Bucheon Hong Gun Pyo and he supported us to have the 3rd World Championship. He will meet with the local Government in due course.

After having met the Mayor, we went to a Government building to meet one of the Deputy sports Ministers. Again he was happy to support us. They will have a meeting early next year for an official approval which expect sometime around March 2010.

I had a meeting with Taeki Chae, Deaf President of the District and his committee on badminton issue.

We will have to wait till next March before we can officially start the ball rolling.

ICSD Technical Director - Badminton

By Martin Bogard