2011 Season
The season 2011 is on the track now (northern hemisphere) and we now have the first World and World Junior Records for this year. We are awaiting for the original application forms and other documents before they can be listed on the website. However, you always can find those "Awaiting Ratification" on the same website.

There still is several months for more competitions this year, among these also the IAAF World Championships in Korea (south) at the end of August. Hopefully the best deaf athletes are able to qualify for these World Championships.

2012 World Deaf Athletics Championships
When this is written there is exactly one year to the 2nd World Deaf Athletics Championships in Toronto 14-21 July 2012.

I just has made a site visit and had meetings with the Organisation Committee to discuss several questions and problems that have been raised since I wrote my article for the last E-news.

While the stadium and its equipment are the same as at my first bid site inspection two years ago, the organisation committee faces some financial problems, mainly because previously confirmed financial support has been withdrawn. This also is why the website for the WDAC 2012 has not yet been released as expected. The organisers now are looking for a different way to open the website.

Due to discussions with the ICSD CEO, Mr. Mark Cooper, the mailing of the preliminary entry form and other valuable information about accommodation, transport, etc., has been delayed a few weeks. Mr Cooper will be making an inspection visit in Toronto on 9 August.

At the conclusion of this message I am assuring you all that the organising committee is working very hard to prepare the World Championship and I am still confident that everything will be well organised. As the promised financial support has not been available the Organising Committee now is seeking other sources through their contacts to Canadian politicians and other people that may be able to support these World Championships.

ICSD Technical Director - Athletics

By Barbara Sondergaard