21st Summer Deaflympics
The fantastic and successful 21st Summer Deaflympics now is history and we have to look forward to the next athletics events, the World Championships 2012 (or other possible earlier events – see below).

I am sure that many readers that either were on site in Taipei or watched the daily TV/internet-coverage agree that it will be difficult for future hosts of the Summer Deaflympics to surpass the recent Deaflympics.

I was especially impressed by the large numbers of volunteers that took care of the smooth and effective organisation of the competitions. There of course also were some failures and mistakes but these were minor ones.

I was pleased and happy to have two official IAAF delegates as observers. In addition I had an excellent cooperation with the national competition director, Mr. Ben Ping Chan Chang.

Future Marathon Events
It was a little discouraging to see the large arrangement set up for such small number of athletes taking part in the Marathon event at the highway north of Taipei. It is not so exciting or motivating for the athletes and also the small crowd of spectators to see that only so few athletes took part in this event.

Therefore, I have proposed to go back to the former frame with a circuit of 8-10 kilometres to be run 4-5 times and to have the start and finish line at the stadium. This proposal was supported by everyone attending the technical meeting.

World Championships
Both at the Technical meeting in Izmir, Turkey, 2008 and at the 2nd Technical Meeting in Taipei, 2009, it was agreed to have the Athletics World Championships as follow:

2010 Cross Country – so far no bids
2011 Indoor – so far no bids
2012 Outdoor in Toronto, Canada

With the exception of the World Championships in Toronto 2012 no bids has been received so far for the Cross Country and Indoor World Championships.

I am hereby appealing to all ICSD Members to consider hosting the Cross country next year and the Indoor World Championships in 2011?

Best Results 2009
It has been a long while ago since a list of the "Years best results" were collected and published. At the informal meeting in Taipei all had made comments that it would be a good idea to resume this publication. However, without results from all ICSD Member Organisations it is not possible to compile such list. I therefore appeal to every members national athletics leader to send a maximum of 5 best result for 2009 for all events on the Summer Deaflympics programme to me to this e-mail address: before 1 December 2009.

World Records
Again this year a large number of World Records, including junior records have been made both at the 21st Summer Deaflympics and during the year. In addition a number of Games Records were made even if the weather conditions in Taipei were difficult for most participants.

Several times I have reminded the Members that the application must be duly filled and signed. Rather often the name and signature of the surveyor is missing. I am aware that the surveyor seldom is present at a meeting but an official (referee) may sign on his/her behalf.

A list of the ratified World and Junior Records for 2009 will be published in the coming issue of the E-News.

ICSD Technical Director - Athletics

By Barbara Sondergaard