World Championships 2008

Those attending the athletics meeting in Melbourne will remember that Venezuela announced that they would apply for the 1st World Championships in 2008. We do not have much information but it has been agreed that the World Championships will be held during the last part of September at the city of Lara. Most athletes would prefer the months of July or August but as you know there will be Olympic Games 8 to 24 August in Beijing, China, followed by the Paralympics Games 6-17 September.

World Junior Records

Since the Melbourne Games where we began to register the best results for World Junior Records, we have received several applications during the summer months. At the end of 2005 the best result obtained for each discipline during 2005 will be recognised as a World Junior Record. Unfortunately not many applications have been received so far and for some applications the necessary documents still are missing. The season at the Northern Hemisphere has almost ended but for the countries at the Southern Hemisphere where the season starts now. There are better opportunities to make results that may be recognised as a World Junior Record.

Awaiting Ratification for World Junior Records

Seminar for athletics leaders

On request I am trying to hold a one-day seminar for athletics leaders before or after the World Championships in 2008. Many leaders and coaches should know more about the Regulations for our sport. During the Melbourne Games it often happened that not all were aware of the many rules of IAAF or Deaflympics.

Barbara C. Søndergaard
ICSD Technical Director - Athletics

By Barbara Sondergaard