Anti-Doping Commission Updates

As chair person of the anti-doping commission, I would like to update you with this April issue of e-news on what is happening within the anti-doping work. As informed in E-news-October 2005 the International Committee of Sports for the Deaf (ICSD) is now officially recognized by WADA as one of the sports organizations for having accepted its organization's code. We are to abide WADA`s Anti-Doping policies and our Anti-Doping regulations which can be found on our website.

The anti-doping commission is going to expand and a medical commission will be established under  the anti-doping commission. The members of the medical commission will be anti-doping doctors and their responsibility will be any matter in connection to medical topics and Deaflympics. If you know about any anti-doping doctors in any country, who would be interested in working for ICSD, please do not hesitate to send an e-mail to

As known, the Therapeutic Use Exemption, known as TUE, application forms must be sent to the ICSD secretariat by the National Deaf Sports Federation (NDSF) 2 weeks before the Games, along with the final entry forms. The TUE forms can be obtained in your own language from the National Anti-Doping Agency in your country. Please send the TUE forms in English with the entry forms.

The 16th Winter Deaflympics in Salt Lake City from February 1 to 10 is expected to be the scene of great sporting performances of Deaf athletes, to which we all look forward. For the Games to be as fair as possible, the ICSD works to detect and sanction anti-doping rule violations to protect the spirit of the Deaflympics. So our Anti-Doping motto is; play true.

Sporting regards, Siv Fosshaug

By Siv Fosshaug