37th CISS Congress: Highlights

  • Special Guests at Congress were Liisa Kauppinen, President of WFD and Carol-lee Aquiline Secretary-General of WFD.
  • Roll call indicates total of 61 countries with 122 eligible votes.
    There are 10 new CISS members: Armenia, Chile, Ghana, Guinea, Malta, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Thailand, & Uruguay.  There are now 83 CISS member countries.
  • CISS Executive Committee report 1999-2001 approved.
  • Many countries applauded the name change to Deaflympics.  They feel that it will help them grow positively in their country.
  • Items approved:
    • Add one more member to the CISS EC- new position called Sports Director will work with CISS TDs.
    • Change name from Technical Delegates to Technical Directors.
    • Have CISS take responsibility for qualifying rounds for team sports.
    • They will hold an election of CISS Technical Directors at the technical meetings during the Deaflympic Games.
    • Deaflympic Games regulations.
    • Adopt the new CISS logo for new flag to replace the current CISS flag.
    • USD $50 annual membership fee to be applied to only developing countries (per UN list).
    • Proposed participant fee to be USD $20.

To view detailed minutes of the 37th Congress, click here.

By Secretariat