2018 Best Sportsmen and Sportswomen Award Finalists

Men’s Category:

WINNER with 51 points: Matthew KLOTZ (Swimming)
Born 24 May 1996, Matthew Klotz of the USA Matthew Klotz broke the Deaf World Record in the 50 Meters Freestyle on July 25, 2018. His recorded time was 23.14. Matthew continues to break Deaf World Records and Deaflympic Records, even in non-Deaflympic years. USADSF submits nomination of Matt Klotz as an outstanding, stellar athlete who continues to perform amazing feats in the sport of Swimming.

FINALIST with 29 points: Hosein Nouri DASHLEJEH (Wrestling)
Born 06 April 1990, Hosein Nouri Dashlejeh of Iran is a champion during 5th World Deaf Senior Freestyle Wrestling Championships in 2018.

FINALIST with 26 points: Rastislav JELINEK (Athletics)
Born 08 March 2001, Rastislav Jelinek of Slovakia is a champion 4th European Deaf Athletics Junior Championships in Sofia, Bulgaria where he won three gold medals in a sprint at 100m, 200m and Jumping to the distance with European Deaf Records Championships of 2018 (100m - 11.23, 200m - 22.72, Long jump - 7.03)

FINALIST with 25 points: Andrei ZHIVAEV (Swimming)
Born 30 June 1998, Andrei Zhivaev of Russia is a champion during 2018 European Deaf Swimming Championships (Lublin, Poland) with 1st place (Gold): Freestyle 50m, Freestyle 100m, Freestyle 200m, Butterfly 50m, Freestyle relay 4x100m, Freestyle relay 4x200m, Medley 4x100m)

FINALIST with 14 points: Vladyslav IALOVEGA (Bowling)
Born 17 July 1993, Vladyslav Ialovega of Ukraine is a champion during 2018 European Deaf Bowling Championships (Munich, Germany): 1 place - Men-Doubles with record (2 games 1400 scores, 6 games 2649 scores); 1 place - Men-Trios with records (3 games 2009 scores, 6 games 3944 scores); 1 place -Men-Teams with record (3 games 3130 scores) and 2 place - Masters Men with record (1 game 289 scores, 3 games 750 scores).

FINALIST with 11 points: Alexandros PAPADATOS (Wrestling)
Born 31.07.1993, Alexandros PAPADATOS of Greece won third place in freestyle wrestling and fifth place in Greco-Roman wrestling 130kg category in 2018 World Deaf Wrestling Championships in Russia.

Women’s Category:

WINNER with 38 points: Katrin NEUDOLT (Badminton)
Born 11 May 1989, Katrin Neudolt of Austria won gold medal at the European Deaf Badminton Championships - Women Singles. First deaf Athlete recognized as a professional athlete by Austrian Government. Employed at the Austrian “Heeressportverband” (department of the Austrian Armed Forces) in which the professional athletes get pay for practice, are insured and are exempted from "work” for international tournaments.
Austrian Badminton State Championships (non-disabled) 2nd place after come back because of a surgery. Katrin Neudolt is a role model for many young Austrian athletes. She is doing very much for the Deaf community and sensitize hearing people.

FINALIST with 35 points: Mariia Rezhylo (Swimming)
Born 03.10.1998, Mariia Rezhylo of Ukraine is a champion during 2018 European Deaf Swimming Championships (Lublin, Poland): 1 place for 50m Freestyle with European Deaf Championship Record; 2 place - 100m Freestyle, 1 place - 50m Breaststroke with World Deaf Record; 1 place - 50m Butterfly and 100m Butterfly; 2 place - 4x100m Freestyle, 4x100m Medley, 4x100m Freestyle Mixed, 4x100m Medley Mixed and 3 place - 4x200m Freestyle.

FINALIST with 30 points: Noseybeh SHAHBAZI (Taekwondo)
Born 16.07.1991, Noseybeh Shahbazi of Iran is a champion during the 2018 Women National Taekwondo Championships in Tehran with gold medal.

FINALIST with 29 points: Cassidy Perry (Basketball)
Born 22.05.1997, Cassidy Perry of USA played for Team USA in the 2018 U21 World Deaf Basketball Championships, averaging 18.2 points per game, and scored 28 in the gold medal game as she made 14 of 20 shots from the field. Because of her performance, the ICSD Technical Director, Jurgen Endress, named Cassidy the Most Valuable Player of the Women’s 2018 U21 World Deaf Basketball Championships.

FINALIST with 24 points: Viktoria Terenteva (Swimming)
Born 22.03.1999, Viktoria Terenteva of Russia is a champion during the 2018 European Deaf Swimming Championships (Lublin, Poland) with gold medals: Freestyle 100m, Freestyle 200m, Freestyle 400m, Freestyle 800m, Freestyle relay 4x100m, Freestyle relay 4x200m, Medley 4x100m.