10 km Ladies' Classical Technique and 30 km Men's Classical Technique

On a warm day yet on icy and slushy snow of varying degrees, the most grueling of all events in nordic skiing took place.  As always, Tone T. Myrvoll (NOR) nabbed the gold medal in the 10 km Ladies' Classical Technique with a time of 31:53.0, a full minute and 40 seconds ahead of the nearest competitor, Anna Fedoulova (RUS).  In third place was Maarit Korhonen of Finland.  A collective sigh gathered amongst the women as they knew their days of training and physical exertion were over-- for now.

The strong Russian team dominated the Men's 30 km Classical Technique competition.   The close-knit team took the top three spots, with Serguei Tichtchenko at first.   Initially, his teammate Alexander Degtiannikov (RUS) was at first- but in the final seconds, Tichtchenko overtook him for the win.  Torbjor Svenningsson of Sweden took fourth place.

There was a controversy regarding the men's course, and how some skiers took the wrong course.  But Technical Delegate Knut Kjode (NOR) maintained all final results.

By David Kurs