Rubens-Alcais Award

The purposes of the Rubens-Alcais Award are:

  • To honour a National Deaf Sports Federation which has achieved outstanding results in development and promotion of sports for deaf people in the last two years
  • To recognize the exemplary sport achievements, the spirit and the skills of the National Deaf Sports Federation
  • To encourage other National Deaf Sports Federation to strive and emulate achievements of the National Deaf Sports Federation, which were awarded the Rubens-Alcais Award

Past Rubens-Alcais Award recipients:


Contact Directory


International Committee of Sports for the Deaf
Maison du Sport International
Av. de Rhodanie 54, Lausanne, CH-1007
Representative - Ms. Xenia Morfopoulos, tel: +41 78733 35 67, email:


+7 (499) 255 04 36