Photo - Masayuki  IKUSHIMA

Flag - JPN Japan

Deaflympic / World Championships Medals:

13 2 0

First Deaflympic Games: Malmo 1973

Born: 1951

Gender: m

Born at Abashiri, Hokkaido. Studied at Asahikawa Elementary and Junior Schools for the Deaf and graduated from Morioka High School for the Deaf. For almost 20 years was the Number One ranked table tennis player in his nation, Asia and the world. His major achievement was that he won a total of 21 medals, including 18 gold and 3 silver, at six Deaf World Games staged between the years of 1973 and 1993.
2000 Sportsman of the Year Finalist.

Deaflympics / World ChampionshipsSportEventResult
Malmo 1973 *Table TennisDoublesGold
Malmo 1973 *Table TennisMixed Doubles
Malmo 1973 *Table TennisSinglesGold
Malmo 1973 *Table TennisTeam (Men)Gold
Bucharest 1977 *Table TennisDoublesGold
Bucharest 1977 *Table TennisMixed Doubles
Bucharest 1977 *Table TennisSinglesGold
Koln 1981 *Table TennisDoublesGold
Koln 1981 *Table TennisMixed Doubles
Koln 1981 *Table TennisSinglesGold
Koln 1981 *Table TennisTeam (Men)Gold
Los Angeles 1985 *Table TennisDoublesGold
Los Angeles 1985 *Table TennisMixed Doubles
Los Angeles 1985 *Table TennisSinglesGold
Los Angeles 1985 *Table TennisTeam (Men)Gold
Christchurch 1989 *Table TennisDoublesGold
Christchurch 1989 *Table TennisMixed Doubles
Christchurch 1989 *Table TennisSingles5th
Christchurch 1989 *Table TennisTeam (Men)Gold
Sofia 1993 *Table TennisDoublesSilver
Sofia 1993 *Table TennisMixed Doubles
Sofia 1993 *Table TennisSingles
Sofia 1993 *Table TennisTeam (Men)Silver
* Deaflympics