Photo - CAPEK, JR. Jan
Photo - CAPEK, JR. Jan
Photo - CAPEK, JR. Jan

Flag - CZE Czech Republic

Deaflympic / World Championships Medals:

1 0 2

First Deaflympic Games: Sofia 1993

Born: 1973

Gender: m

2000 Sportsman of the Year Finalist.

Deaflympics / World ChampionshipsSportEventResult
Sofia 1993 *Cycling RoadIndividual Road Race
Sofia 1993 *Cycling RoadIndividual Time TrialBronze
Sofia 1993 *Cycling RoadPoints RaceBronze
Sofia 1993 *Cycling RoadTeam Time TrialGold
Copenhagen 1997 *Cycling RoadIndividual Road Race
Copenhagen 1997 *Cycling RoadIndividual Time Trial8th
Copenhagen 1997 *Cycling RoadPoints Race7th
Rome 2001 *Cycling RoadIndividual Road Race
Rome 2001 *Cycling RoadIndividual Time Trial4th
Rome 2001 *Cycling RoadPoints Race4th
Rome 2001 *Cycling RoadSprint
Melbourne 2005 *Cycling RoadIndividual Road Race5th
Melbourne 2005 *Cycling RoadIndividual Time Trial
Melbourne 2005 *Cycling RoadPoints Race4th
Melbourne 2005 *Cycling RoadSprint6th
Taipei 2009 *Cycling RoadIndividual Road Race (Men)4th
Taipei 2009 *Cycling RoadIndividual Time Trial (Men)
Taipei 2009 *Cycling RoadPoints Race (Men)
Taipei 2009 *Cycling RoadSprint (Men)
Sofia 2013 *Cycling RoadIndividual Road Race (Men)
Sofia 2013 *Cycling RoadIndividual Time Trial (Men)
Sofia 2013 *Cycling RoadPoints Race (Men)
Sofia 2013 *Mountain BikeCross-Country (Men)
Gaziantep 2019Cycling RoadIndividual Road Race (Men)11th
Gaziantep 2019Cycling RoadPoints Race (Men)10th
Caxias do Sul 2022 *Mountain BikeCross-Country (Men)10th
* Deaflympics