Barbara ODDONE


Hatfield 1991TennisteamGold
Bradenton 1995TennisteamGold
Loano 1999TennisteamGold


Christchurch 1989TennissinglesGold
Christchurch 1989TennisdoublesGold
Christchurch 1989Tennismixed doublesGold
Sofia 1993TennissinglesGold
Sofia 1993TennisdoublesSilver
Sofia 1993Tennismixed doublesGold
Copenhagen 1997TennissinglesGold
Copenhagen 1997TennisdoublesGold
Copenhagen 1997Tennismixed doublesGold
Rome 2001TennissinglesGold
Rome 2001TennisdoublesGold
Rome 2001Tennismixed doublesGold
Melbourne 2005TennissinglesGold
Melbourne 2005TennisdoublesGold
Melbourne 2005Tennismixed doublesGold
Taipei 2009TennissinglesGold
Taipei 2009TennisdoublesBronze
Taipei 2009Tennismixed doublesSilver
Sofia 2013Tennissingles8th
Sofia 2013Tennisdoubles5th
Photo in 19971997
Photo in 20092009

Flag - ITA Italy

Born: 05 Apr 1970

1997 Sportswoman of the Year Award Winner and 3-Time Sportswoman of the Year Finalist (1996, 2001, and 2009).
eNews - October 2006