Taipei 2007Swimming100m backstrokeGold
Taipei 2007Swimming400m individual medley5th
Taipei 2007Swimming50m breaststroke
Taipei 2007Swimming200m freestyleSilver
Taipei 2007Swimming200m individual medley
Taipei 2007Swimming50m backstrokeSilver
Taipei 2007Swimming100m freestyle
Taipei 2007Swimming400m freestyle
Taipei 2007Swimming200m backstroke10th


Melbourne 2005Swimming50m freestyle
Melbourne 2005Swimming100m freestyle
Melbourne 2005Swimming200m freestyle4th
Melbourne 2005Swimming400m freestyle4th
Melbourne 2005Swimming800m freestyle
Melbourne 2005Swimming100m backstrokeBronze
Melbourne 2005Swimming4x100m freestyle relayBronze
Melbourne 2005Swimming4x200m freestyle relay6th
Melbourne 2005Swimming4x100m medley relay5th
Melbourne 2005Swimming50m backstrokeBronze
Taipei 2009Swimming50m freestyle
Taipei 2009Swimming100m freestyle
Taipei 2009Swimming200m freestyle
Taipei 2009Swimming100m backstrokeGold
Taipei 2009Swimming200m backstrokeGold
Taipei 2009Swimming200m individual medley
Taipei 2009Swimming4x100m freestyle relay5th
Taipei 2009Swimming4x100m medley relay4th
Taipei 2009Swimming50m backstrokeSilver
Taipei 2009Swimming50m breaststroke7th
Photo in 20092009

Flag - SWE Sweden

Born: 31 Aug 1990

2006 Sportswoman of the Year Winner and 2-Time Sportswoman of the Year Finalist (2007 and 2009).