USA 4 Sweden 0

By Scott Mohan

The run for the gold in Ice Hockey began tonight with USA versus Sweden. The stadium was filled with eager fans, especially american and swedish fans. About 100 american fans were there to cheer for USA, waving flags proudly. Three minutes in the first round, USA's own Matt Holmes scored the first goal, assisted by Mike Coppage, USA. After a few failed attempts at scoring goals in the later part of the first round, USA scored three more goals in the second round. Benjamin Johnson scored the second goal 26 minutes in the game, who was followed by Matt Hargreoues who shot the putt past the Swedish goalie, Tobias Lundquist. The last goal in the second round and in the game was scored by Sean Dee.

With the usual shoving and hitting, the athletes played hard and rough.. The Swedish team was led by Magnus Lennartsson and Robert Olson. Stubborn and determined to score a goal against the USA team, the Swedes played their defense hard and well in third round. No goals were made by either team in the heated third round.

On March 9, Finland will play against Switzerland at 4 pm and Russia will play against Canada at 8 pm.