Tthe man overcomes obstacles: Onur Kayihan

Deaf Onur Kayihan carries out his duty in Samsun as an instructor, although he could not attend Olympic Games as an athlete. Kayıhan who have an uncommon successful story talked about his experiences until today and Deaflympics 2017.

While the preparations are completing at full speed before 23rd Summer Deaflympics which will take place between the dates 18-30 July in Samsun, one person cannot be overlooked. Deaf T. Onur Kayıhan's hands are not only of use to speak, in fact, he is a man of many parts. Kayihan had lost the chance to attend as an athlete by the neck, while he is in Samsun as an instructor. Kayıhan who is 35 years old and has a past of 28 years in sports, is continuing his works by coming months before to Samsun.

His story starts when he was just 3 months old. Kayıhan who is brought into this World as a hearing person lost his ability to hear by the mistake of the doctor who Kayıhan went for treatment while he was 3 months old. Life of the successful instructor who took courses of speaking until the age of 17 had changed in a good way soon after he attended a sports club


Kayıhan stated that “I never met my hearing-impaired friends until the age of 17. I did not even know there is this type of people. I had no sign language courses. I had been selected for sports club at the age of 17 while I was taking speaking courses at the Eskişehir Anadolu University and I saw that there are people like me and then I have learnt the sign language. At that moment I noticed that sign language is important for me and it is my mother tongue. I live in Turkey and of course, there is Turkish language in my life but my mother tongue is sign language. And I learned that even it was too late.” and Kayıhan"s passion for sports makes him special among other people. Kayıhan who also plays handball in national degree was removed from the roster by his coach"s final decision. Even though he could not come to Samsun as an athlete, he does not neglect to carry out his work as an instructor.


Kayıhan who gives sign language lessons at some universities stated that “I also gave courses to a group of students between the ages of 4-6. And also I am giving courses of sign language at some factories. I arrived in Samsun on 28 March. From that day on, I gave courses to almost 350 volunteers, 35-40 Coda (child of deaf adult) people. Because of my work in Samsun, I had to suspend the university courses and had to reject the proposals from universities but I will reevaluate the proposals in September.”


Kayıhan stated the reasons to start sign language like that “Hearing-impaired people and the ones who are not hearing-impaired have communication problems. As a result of the difficulties that I had in daily life, I thought that if more people know that language, there will be more simplicity to communicate with people and I wanted to be an instructor. The more this language develops, the easier it will be for people like me to solve their communication problems”

In spite of all the obstacles, Kayıhan, who has a sacred duty for people to make them communicate with each other, said that he especially taught people who are not hearing-impaired. The experienced instructor stated that “Because hearing-impaired people learn this language in some way. It's the only way to express themselves. But people who can hear also need to know this language so they can communicate with hearing-impaired people.” While he explains his advice, Kayıhan stated that “When you bring an instructor from England to teach English, the instructor does not have to speak Turkish here, it is enough for the instructor to teach English. Also, the students go to England and learn this language because they have to speak English there. I suggest the people that I trained to visit associations, clubs or sports clubs which are belonged to hearing-impaired people often and speak this language more intensively.


Onur Kayıhan who shares the difficulties in his social life said that “10-15 years ago, while I was talking to my friends in a community, other people were staring at us and there were times when we were disturbed. Some of them were making fun of us by doing arm movements. But now society is getting used to it. Except for a few people, there is none to bother. It is not important for me anymore. This is my life, my language. It does not matter what others think about me”


A successful trainer who stated that he was very happy and enthusiastic about his work said that “Besides my identity as an instructor I will be a sports coach as well. Because I've been in sports since I was born. I have already done 16-17 sports until now. These include sports such as football, swimming, basketball, table tennis, judo, and I have won medals in the success of my achievements.

I have approximately 45-50 medals. Of course, I want to coach by using the sign language. Because the majority of current coaches are not hearing-impaired and do not know sign language. We can organize better if there are coaches who know sign language


Finally, Onur Kayıhan, who has also made statements about the 23rd Deaflympics completed his words with those “It's a very important organization. It is, of course, more important that such an organization is organized in Turkey for the first time. I have participated in the competitions in Taiwan for the Olympic Games 8 years ago. I have competed in Bulgaria four years ago. Bulgaria"s organization was a little bit weaker. But when I look at the preparations, developments and the organization, Turkey is doing a good job in this regard. When we look at the Deaflympics globally, it is the 3rd biggest event. 3-4 years ago our facilities were inadequate but now there are much better quality facilities. When the board of directors of ICSD came, I also attended the meetings and observed their incredible astonishment. It was a bit of a surprise for them to have such a successful preparation in a short time for the games.”

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