By Tobias Burz

The Turkish Deaf Sport Federation has applied for the Dresse & Maere Tennis Cups 2011, to take place from 18th until 25th of June 2011 in Izmir. This application was the only one for hosting the next Dresse & Maere Tennis Cups. I have contacted with the Turkish Deaf Sport Federation for an inspection visit from 27th until 29th of June 2008.

After the invitation by the Turkish Deaf Sport Federation I was picked up at the Airport of Izmir at 27th of June by Dogan Özdemir (Official representative of the Turkish Deaf Sport Federation), Ertugrul BURSA (Official of the Institute for Deaf in sport and social of Izmir) and Ipek ATATEKIN (Interpreter) with warm welcome. The next day (Saturday) was the inspection day. From the hotel in Izmir we had a 20 minutes drive by car to the Karsiyaka Tennis Center. Karsiyaka is the suburb of Izmir.

The Tennis Center was built in 2004 and consists of 11 tennis outdoor courts. One of the courts called COURT 1 has 1000 seats, a Tennis Arena with 6000 seats and 4 indoor courts. All these courts have the same surface which are approved by the ITF (International Tennis Foundation). Mr. Kemal LALE, Manager of Karsiyaka town sport division and Mr. Hamdi BUYUKALTINTAS, Izmir City Tennis representative showed us the whole Tennis Center, the buildings and all the rooms.

Every court is separated with walking spaces and places for spectators.The buildings have all the needed rooms: Rooms for the representatives of the federations, rooms for the tournament director, rooms for the staff, referee, umpires, press rooms, meeting rooms, recreation rooms for tennis players. These rooms have internet connection. There are doctor / physiotherapeutic room, shower rooms, rest rooms, a waiting room for doping control and a doping contol room. The restaurant has a terrace with a view to the courts.

After the inspection we had a very good discussion with questions and answers between the representatives and me. Mr. LALE and Mr. BUYUKALTINTAS were able to answer all my questions.

This Tennis Center fulfils all requirements for hosting the Dresse & Maere Tennis Cups 2011 which can take part from 18th until 25th of June 2011. Therefore, I propose the ICSD Executive Committee give the Turkish Deaf Sport Federation the permission to host the Dresse & Maere Tennis Cups 2011 in Izmir / Turkey.

Best regards

Tobias BURZ
ICSD Technical Director - Tennis