By Tobias Burz

Dear sport friends and tennis friends!

I am happy to be on the ICSD team as the new ICSD Technical Director of Tennis and I will give my best to bring the tennis sport at higher professional level.

These are the goals I would like to work on and reach during my term:

  1. Have intensive contacts with ITF (International Tennis Federation) and other regional tennis federations. I will come up with some suggested projects that ICSD can collaborate with ITF and also with regional tennis federations which would help this sport in the area of:
    • Tennis camps
    • Deaf tennis trainers
    • Tennis training equipment
  2. Bring back the enthusiasm for Tennis in Africa, South America and Asia.
    • The National Deaf Sport Federations should add tennis section and implement it
    • Regular information about tennis activities in the world of deaf children, youth and adults with the aim to motivate them
  3. 1st World Deaf Tennis Championships in singles and doubles. I want to establish the 1st World Deaf Tennis Championships, ideally in the year before the Summer Deaflympics. So I am going to work out a concept in June to propose the new Tennis tournament calendar to ICSD.

If you have new ideas or proposals to my goals above or any additional comments, please do not hesitate to contact me at

Tobias Burz
ICSD Technical Director – Tennis