2011 DMC Official Ball Brand - Wilson Australian Open
2011 DMC Official Ball Brand - Wilson Australian Open

Dear Tennis friends and Deaf Sport Federations!

Ordering of Future Tennis Tournaments
The next Deaf Tennis tournaments will take place in this new following order:

2012 Regional Deaf Tennis Championships
2013 Summer Deaflympics
2014 Dresse & Maere Tennis Cups
2015 World Deaf Tennis Championships

  • Ranking Points scoring of Regional Deaf Tennis Championships
    Till now only in Europe there are the European Deaf Tennis Championships as separate championships. In other Regional Confederations the Tennis Championships are included into the Regional Deaf Sport Games (Americas Deaf Games and Asia Pacific Deaf Games).
  • Bidding procedures for 2014 Dresse & Maere Tennis Cups and 2015 World Deaf Tennis Championships
    We have confirmed the year 2014 for the next Dresse & Maere Tennis Cups because we want to insert the new World Deaf Tennis Championships always 2 years prior to the Summer Deaflympics.
    In this case the first World Deaf Tennis Championships will take place in 2015.

Until now no Deaf Sports Federations have send the bid application documents for hosting the 2014 Dresse & Maere Tennis Cups and/or the 2015 World Deaf Tennis Championships. If you are interesting to host one of these events, please send your bid application documents directly to our ICSD Secretariat:  You can find the bidding procedures under the following link:, WC2. BIDDING PROCEDURES

It would be great if you can send your interest for hosting one of these tournaments to ICSD Secretariat and also inform your interest during the DMC technical meeting in Izmir / Turkey.

Countdown to 2011 Dresse & Maere Tennis Cups in Izmir/Turkey
There are only 3 months until the Dresse & Maere Tennis Cups (DMC) start in Izmir, Turkey from 18 to 25 June 2011! The preparations for this tournament are in full swing. Now I give you further new information about this DMC tournament:

  • Ball brand
    The ball brand is "Wilson Australian Open".
  • Court surface
    Till now I haven't got the official name of the court surface of the tennis courts and will get it in the next weeks. In every case the court surface is acrylic. The organisation committee told me that the courts built newly in 2005 for the Universiade 2005 and the ITF has approved it. So I suggest that this surface is similar to Rebound Ace.
  • Summary of Preliminary entries
    After the deadline of the preliminary entries we have 10 men teams and 9 women teams. It is possible for other countries to send the Final Entry form to us because we accept 16 men teams and 12 women teams maximum. My friendly advice to all other countries: Please apply for this DMC tournament!
  • Final Entry
    You have got the final entry form by the organization committee for the DMC by email. If you haven't got this form, please send an email to the organizing committee:  Please fill in this Final Entry form and send it back to me via following email address:  The deadline is 03 June 2011.
  • Accommodation
    The organization committee has send the reservation form to you all ( and recommended the hotel AKSAN in which all participating countries can stay: 
  • Tennis Center
    Now you can see the excellent pictures of the Tennis center in Turkey:

If you have any questions don't hesitate to contact me or the organization committee of DMC.

See you all in Izmir / Turkey!

Tobias BURZ
ICSD Technical Director - Tennis

By Tobias Burz