Official Games Tennis Ball
SLAZENGER / Wimbledon Ultra Vis Hydroguard

There are only less than 8 months until the Summer Deaflympics in Taipei. Surely you are interested to learn more about the process in Taipei.

I want to give some new information to you:

  • The official ball brand is: SLAZENGER / Wimbledon Ultra Vis Hydroguard
  • The court surface is Plexicushion Prestige (Category 3: medium-fast) which is same as the surface used at the Australian Open

In my last eNews I had reported about the new alternative tournament courts, which I had found during my site inspection visit. Now I have to say, it is not possible to use these alternative tournament courts, because they belong to the university of Taipei. There are many reasons against using these courts. So the tennis tournament will take part at the Rainbow Riverside Park. I have given the Taipei Deaflympics Organizing Committee the requirements for renovating the park, such as covering the courts with new surface, setting up mobile facilities for athletes, officials, spectators, etc.

I hope the Taipei Deaflympics Organizing Committee will fulfill all my requirements to ensure that the tennis tournament and the environment are at its best for you all.

If there is further information, I will post them in the next eNews.

Best regards

Tobias BURZ
ICSD Technical Director - Tennis

By Tobias Burz