Swimming & Water Polo

2007 was a fast year for swimmers. There were 31 new World Records. Men - 16 short course (25m) records and 1 long course (50m) record. Women 7 short course (25m) and 7 long course (50m) records. Swimmers, congratulations! Among many international swimmers, Sweden is dominating women short course swimming records. Click here to view new 2007 World Records for the year.

Water Polo
Last month, the Ireland team traveled to Los Angeles, USA and played six matches against USA.  Players from both teams enjoyed the competition and experience.  Ireland will host the 8th European Deaf Water Polo Championships in 2010.  For results and more information, click website: http://www.irishdeafsports.net/events_watepolo.htm

Attention for National Deaf Sports Associations- the first and last World Deaf Water Polo Championships was held in Belgium 1995.  Please consider hosting the 2nd World Deaf Water Polo Championships in 2011.  We need your support for this sport, water polo. Thank you.

I wish 2008 a good year for swimmers, players, and officials.  Keep training and competing in local swim meets and water polo tournaments.  

Reed Gershwind
ICSD Technical Director - Swimming & Water Polo

By Reed Gershwind