Shirley Jordan

Shirley and Jerald Jordan
Shirley and Jerald Jordan
It was with great sadness we got the information that Shirley Jordan passed away on 30 March 2011, three years after her husband, our former CISS/ICSD President and Honorary Life Member Jerald M. Jordan. She had been sick for a long time so it was not unexpected news that she is no longer among us.

Shirley Jordan was a teacher at Gallaudet University for many years; it also was here she meet her husband. She was a great support for JJ with whom she followed to all World Games for the Deaf and the CISS (now Deaflympics and ICSD) meetings around the world. I especially remember her from the Winter Games where she enjoyed skating.

We will remember her for her good mood, always smiling and interested in what happened with the deaf sports.

Rest in peace.

Knud Søndergaard

By Knud Sondergaard