Report from Vice President - Youth Sports

I am pleased to share with you on the development of Youth Deaf Sports. First of all, finally we will have the Seminar on Deaf Sports Reform working groups in July. Nine (9) members, who have been appointed to be part of the three working groups, have confirmed their participation in this important seminar to build the program for our future in Deaf Sports. One of three working groups will focus on youth deaf sports.

On another side there are several expressions of interest in youth deaf sports, like holding youth deaf sports events. For these expressions we at ICSD are grateful for this interest. This issue and ideas will be raised at the Deaf Sport Reform under the Youth Working Group to discuss ICSD's long range goals and these plans will be shared with all of you.

On 24 June 2010, the opening ceremony will happen in Lublin, Poland to pave the way to the U21 World Deaf Basketball Championships which more than 20 men and women teams will participate. This is the first opportunity for all young deaf to become very much involved in deaf sports in long term.

Your idea of any issue on Youth Deaf Sports or other deaf sports will be gratefully accepted and we will review on it. Your idea to advance the deaf sports is always welcome.

Forward towards deaf sports!

ICSD Vice President - World Youth Sports

By David Lanesman