Report from Vice President - World Sports

In our ICSD Calendar some events have not been booked. To achieve a good preparation for the World Championships' organization we have to plan and arrange early enough. If there are interests for application to host any of these World Championships, please contact the ICSD office (

Following dates are still vacant:

- World Deaf Martial Arts Championships, Due by: 31 July 2010 (Judo, Karate and Taekwondo together in one same venue)
- World Deaf Table Tennis Championships, Due by: 31 July 2010
- World Deaf Volleyball Championships, Due by: 31 July 2010
- World Deaf Wrestling Championships, Due by: 31 July 2010

- World Deaf Alpine Skiing Championships, Due by: 31 January 2011
- World Deaf Cross Country Skiing Championship, Due by: 31 January 2011
- World Deaf Snowboard Championship, Due by: 31 January 2011
- World Deaf Curling Championship, Due by: 31 January 201
- World Deaf Ice Hockey Championship, Due by: 31 January 2011

ICSD Summer Technical Directors for the term of 2010 – 2013
Finally we found new Technical Director for Road Cycling & Mountain Bike. Ralph Fernandez (United States) is now responsible for Cycling Road & Mountain Bike. Ralph is very experienced in his sport and we are convinced that we all will enjoy working with him. I wish for excellent cooperation with our new Technical Director Ralph Fernandez.

If you have any questions or need further information, I ask you to contact him personally. He will welcome your comments and/or suggestions. His e-mail address is

Unfortunately four additional positions for Technical Directors are still vacant. They are Football, Karate, Taekwondo and Volleyball. I ask all interested persons and ICSD Members for support and search for the positions as Technical Directors of these 4 exciting sports. We will be very pleased and glad if someone has interest for the position as a Technical Director. Please inform the ICSD Office ( if you have interest. Thank you.

Deaf Sport Reform
Finally we could find a date for the Deaf Sport Reform (DSR) working committee workshop. Finding a suitable date was not an easy task as our ICSD Board is very small consisting of 4 people. We have many different priorities and tasks which have to be managed. The date for the DSR working group workshop is from 23 to 25 of July 2010 in Munich. The DSR working committee consists of three groups:

  1. Deaflympics
  2. World Sport
  3. Youth

Each group consists of 3 persons as follows:

  • Deaflympics - Brent Phillips (AUS), Isabelle Malaurie (FRA) and Reed Gershwind (USA)
  • World Sport - Jack Lamberton (USA), Thomas Eller (GER) and Fatima de Sousa (VEN)
  • Youth - Dimitry Rebrov (RUS), Siv Fosshaug (SUI) and Horst Peter Scheffel (GER)

We, the ICSD – Board and the DSR – Team, believe that we all are a strong team and that we all are working dynamically in order to strengthen the new Structure of the Deaf Sport Reform.

Deaf International Basketball Federation (DIBF)
Deaf International Basketball Federation (DIBF) as an Associate Member is suspended until they are able to work out with ICSD to agree on resolutions to regain membership status in compliance with ICSD Constitution. So ICSD regrets to inform all that we are suspending DIBF organization until further notice.

However, we continue to support the sport of basketball. For now our ICSD Technical Director for Basketball, Jürgen Endress, is responsible for future basketball events. If you have any questions, I ask you – all ICSD Members – to contact him (

Thank you.

ICSD Vice President - World Sports
By Josef Willmerdinger