ICSD appoints new Joint Chairs of the ICSD Athletes Commission

Dean Barton-Smith (Australia) and Terence Parkin (South Africa) were officially appointed by ICSD President Craig Crowley as new Interim Joint Chairs of the ICSD Athletes Commission.

Barton-Smith is a former Olympic Decathlon athlete (Barcelona 1992) and decorated Deaflympics athlete; and Terence Parkin, himself an Olympian (Sydney 2000 silver medallist and Athens 2004) & Deaflympics medallist, will cover their joint roles on an interim basis until the Sofia 2013 Deaflympics. In Sofia, ICSD expects to hold elections for the ICSD Athletes Commission. Deaflympics athletes will be elected to the ICSD Athletes Commission by other Deaflympics athletes.

ICSD President Craig Crowley congratulated both Dean and Terence saying: ‘both Dean and Terence are generally well-known within the Olympian and Deaflympics circles and are well-respected for their achievements in Athletics and Swimming. I am confident that they will make a big impact in getting athletes recognised within the Deaflympics Movement.”

With Parkin focusing on training for the Sofia 2013 Deaflympics, Dean Barton-Smith will report to the ICSD Executive Board on the Commission's work throughout the interim period.

Dean added: "Athletes need to be at the heart of ICSD's work. ICSD's ongoing governance review is a great opportunity to make some changes. Together, we make sure that athletes are consulted on key decisions and I'm delighted to have this chance to make sure that consultation happens."