Extraordinary Congress Update

ICSD Members will have followed with interest the request for an Extraordinary Congress (EC) that was initiated under clause 9.2 on 8th March 2012 by Sweden, USA, Venezuela, Russia and Denmark in Moscow, Russia, on 3rd June 2012.
This was joined by 19 members including Armenia, Kyrgyzstan, Georgia, Ukraine, Croatia, Spain, Chile, Argentina, Belarus, Estonia, Uzbekistan, Moldavia, Slovenia, Kazakhstan, Mali, Uruguay, Brazil, Bolivia and Azerbaijan.
In accordance with clause 9.2.1, a request for an EC requires the support of 1/3 of ICSD members. With less than two months to go until the proposed date of 3rd June for the EC, ICSD informs you that there were 24 members out of 104 in support of the request.
This is less than the required 1/3 of ICSD members.
ICSD wishes wish to advise members that as per clause, there will therefore, be no requisition issued to our members for an Extraordinary Congress.
Please also advise that EC is of course expensive and time consuming. ICSD Board is happy to have discussions with those calling the EC but as the requirements of the constitution have not been met, an EC cannot be held.
We are grateful for the confidence shown by the majority of ICSD members, who clearly feel we should direct our limited time and resources to solving the problems of three cancelled Deaflympics. ICSD will now focus on that work and the ICSD governance review and we will keep you regularly updated.
By Mark Cooper