New ICSD Sports Director Appointed

By Secretariat

The ICSD Executive Committee is pleased to announce the appointment of Josef Willmerdinger of Germany as the ICSD Sports Director, effective immediately.

Josef's responsibilities and duties will include liaison with appropriate International Sports Federations, ICSD nation members and Technical Directors on technical issues.

Josef was a Deaflympian at the 1977 and 1981 Games as a football player for the German team. Since 1972 he held several roles for numerous different sports, either as a player, coach or a sports manager for football, volleyball, basketball, skiing, ice-hockey, athletics, fistball, gymnastics and youth sports representing Gehoerlosen-Sportverein Muenchen (GSV) and Gehoerlose Bergfreunde Muenchen e.V. (GBF)

At the national level for German Deaf Sports Federation (DGS)- Josef is currently a training consultant for elite sports since 2002 and holds training licenses in Coaching for Elite Sports "A" and Coaching for Sport Prevention. He has also conducted several sports seminars in Germany.

With his extensive knowledge and experience in summer and winter sports, we are excited to bring him on board as the ICSD Sports Director.

Mr. Josef Willmerdinger can be reached at