Knud Søndergaard - ICSD Honorary Life Member

By Donalda Ammons

An honorary doctor of humane letters degree was awarded to Knud Søndergaard by Gallaudet University in Washington, D.C. Søndergaard is a man of considerable achievements who has made countless contributions to improve the quality of life for individuals in the deaf community in local, national, regional, and international arenas. Deaf people have seen major improvements in many different aspects of life, including education, social service, recreation, and government service because of his commitment and dedication. Click herePDF for a copy of the citation.

Since 1982, Søndergaard has served as president of the Center for Døve, a national institute in Denmark with programs and services for deaf individuals who are elderly and have multiple disabilities, as well as for deaf youth, social workers, and others. He recently retired as president of the Danish Deaf Association, and he is a board member of Døvefonden, a foundation that raises funds to support the deaf association, organizations for deaf people, and deaf individuals.

In addition, he is a former president of the European Union of the Deaf, an honorary life member and former secretary general of the International Committee of Sports for the Deaf, and finance officer for the World Federation of the Deaf.