ICSD President at SportAccord Convention, Lausanne 2016

It was a busy week for the ICSD President and his team in Lausanne, Switzerland during the week of 17-22 April 2016 for six days of meetings, and high-level networking. The SportAccord Convention included City Forum, LawAccord and MediaAccord, as well as a Plenary Conference. The exhibition was represented by various industries, sports organisations, and government offices, hosting cities, event services and media.

The International Committee of Sports for the Deaf (ICSD) relocated its headquarters in Lausanne, the Olympic capital of the world, in March 2016. It is now in the prestigious Maison du Sport International, which is a home to over fifty International Sports Federations and organisations, all together, an Olympic Family.

The IOC President Thomas Bach and President of ASOIF and SportAccord Convention, Francesco Ricci Bitti, addressed the participants of SportAccord. 

“Let us address all these challenges we are facing in the world of sport today. Let us address them together under the motto you have here in one of your conference programmes: We are all in it together.” - by IOC President Thomas Back in his speech at the Opening Ceremony. 

Francesco Ricci Bitti, the President of SportAccord Convention, welcomed delegates from around the world, encouraging “open dialogue” about sport"s mission in the world.

At the SportAccord General Assembly, Patrick Baumann, member of IOC, has been elected as the President of SportAccord for the next 4 years. Bauman acknowledges his challenge in “trying to build an atmosphere where people are not thinking only of the division but what can bring us all together”. He also added SportAccord can serve as “the voice of sport”.

The 2017 SportAccord Convention will take place in Aarhus in Denmark, it was announced by President Francesco Ricci Bitti in his speech at the Opening Ceremony.


SportAccord Convention

SportAccord Convention is the world"s premier and most exclusive annual event at the service of sport. It is focused on driving positive change internationally and dedicated to engaging and connecting; rights holders, organising committees, cities, press and media, businesses and other organisations involved in the development of sport.

The SportAccord Convention is a not-for-profit organisation which annually brings together representatives from more than 100 International Sports Federations affiliated with the following umbrella organisations that host their Annual General Assemblies at the SportAccord Convention.

For more information about the SportAccord Convention: www.sportaccordconvention.com