Hsin-Ta Lee, the unforgettable backstage driving force of Deaf Basketball

Mr. Hsin-Ta Lee is passed away at the age of 56 while engaging in his favorite activity-Rock Fishing.

He is the former president and current Executive Board member of Chinese Taipei Deaf Sports Federation (CTDSF), the former chairman and current member of the Referee Committee of the Deaf International Basketball Federation (DIBF), the former president of Deaf International Basketball Federation-Asia Pacific (DIBFAP), and the level-A Referee of the DIBF.

Mr. Hsin-Ta Lee is an open-minded and generous person who always treats people with sincerity and humor, so he is well-known as “Da Ge 達哥”. He possesses superhuman talents in sports and has shown delighted results in Athletics, Basketball, Badminton, Rock Fishing, and others. He decided to become a basketball referee when he was young, then he was diligent in a large number of national and international basketball competitions. In both national and international, he is also highly recognized for his qualified profession in being the basketball referee, also he has been appointed as the referee for the finals of basketball of several Summer Deaflympics Games.

Mr. Hsin-Ta Lee actively promoted the deaf basketball referee training during his two-term presidency of CTDSF. He has served as a lecturer in the DIBF Referee Seminars organized by DIBF many times and trained a large number of outstanding and professional deaf referees over the world. Therefore, the level and qualify of DIBF referees could be significantly improved based on an indispensable contribution by his outstanding contributions.

Mr. Hsin-Ta Lee has completed a brilliant and splendid life, also he has left extremely precious assets in all areas of the Deaf Sports Movement. He will always be admired and remembered by people in the Deaf Sports Movement in Taiwan.

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