Finland Crushes Switzerland 26-0

By David Kurs

The years-strong Finnish hockey team played their best against the newly-formed Swiss team.  Switzerland was playing the first hockey team in its history. From the start to the end, the Swiss were simply overwhelmed by the strong level of play that the Finns played.

In fact, a starting player, upon being knocked down by an opposing player in the opening minutes, went to the bench and stayed there for the rest of the game in  fear of being knocked down.

The Finns were led by Jukka Hyppa, who had four goals and an assist. Pekka Laakari had 7 assists in all.  In fact, Coach B. Erickson played the entire team evenly throughout the game.

The Swiss, who played honorably, were led by Pangri Lobsang and Christian Deubelbeiss. They actually played a strong defense, but the Finnish fusillade was too much for goalie Richard Kempf.

A minor controversy was presented regarding the one-sidedness of the competition.