CISS Executive Commitee meets in Sundsvall

By Secretariat

The Sundsvall Organizing Committee invites the CISS Executive Committee to hold its biannual meeting in Sundsvall 24-27 February 2002. The CISS winter sports technical directors will also convene for an informational seminar as well as site inspection of the facilities from 22 to 24 February. Items to be deliberated at CISS EC: (in partial)

  • Incorporation and Tax Exempt for CISS in USA/UK
  • Revised Regulations for Deaflympics and World Championships
  • Strategic Plans for Sponsorship
  • New Procedures for Audiograms
  • Draft Guidelines on Anti-Doping
  • Training Seminars in Various Regions
  • IOC's restrictions on the use of DEAFLYMPICS
  • Official Competition Results of the 19th Summer Deaflympics
  • Appointment of Winter and Summer Technical Directors
  • Progress of the 2003 Winter Deaflympics- Sundsvall
  • Progress of the 2005 Summer Deaflympics- Melbourne
  • Open Candidature for 2007 Winter Deaflympics
  • CISS Archives- Transfer Procedures
  • Strategic Publications Plans

The CISS EC meeting will be highlighted in the April issue of CISS E-News.