By Barbara Sondergaard

1st World Deaf Athletics Championships
The first World Championships in athletics is approaching very fast. In a two months time we will gather together in Izmir, Turkey for the first World Championships. The preliminary entries indicated that more than 400 athletes will come together in Izmir. I know very well from previous Summer Deaflympics that the final number will not be that many, but we will no doubt see a very large number of countries, athletes and officials in Izmir. The first final entries have been received already, and both are from two countries that had not sent in their preliminary entries!  I hope that even more countries will do their best to send a team to Izmir. A program has been drawn up and can be found on the homepage of the Organizing Committee. I must advise that minor changes will be made should the number of entries for each event be more than expected. I hope that you all have made the reservations for travel and accommodation.  Do not forget a visa for those countries who need an entry visa for Turkey. If you have not done so already, please contact the organizing committee today rather than tomorrow!

In my last article I wrote that the IAAF has adopted some new rules for athletics effective 1 January 2008. The ICSD is following the IAAF very closely and I urge you to get a copy of the new handbook to become familiar with the new rules.  I refer to the previous E-news where I wrote about the age limits that have been introduced by IAAF recently.

Upcoming World Championships
On the ICSD website you will see that it is foreseen to have Cross Country World Championships in 2009 and 2013.   No host country has been found so far. I ask interested countries to inform the ICSD Secretariat of their interest to host these World Championships. The 2nd World Deaf Athletics Championships will be held in 2012 and I also ask interested countries to inform the ICSD of their intention to host these championships. For both World Championships I am ready to discuss these while we are in Izmir. We could have an informal meeting to discuss which countries can be future hosts of the World Championships.

World Records
We already have received several applications for World Records and Junior World Records as well. The recognized records will be published on the ICSD website Unfortunately not all applications have been filled and signed by the referee and judges. I must ask everyone to be aware that the application should be filled and signed on site to save time.

See you all in Izmir!

ICSD Technical Director - Athletics