Alpine Skiing

By Michael Schmauser

Hahnenkamm World Cup in Kitzbühel/Austria 23.01.2009
I was fortunate to have contact with FIS TD Wucherer Hans-Peter from Germany. Hans was responsible for the WC-slalom race. There were many well known skiers from all over the world. e.g. Bode Miller, Hermann Maier, etc.. This course at Hahenkamm is very well known and popular. I also met with the Race secretary Peter Eder Accreditation. I met Mr. Wucherer and showed me the famous Hahnenkamm course and we went and checked out the slalom course, which was situated near the downhill-course. The important things to look for were safety, control and Medical. I also met the head FIS race director, Guenter Hujara.   It was memorable for me to experience. The organization of the Kitzbühel Ski Club was excellent. I thank the FIS TD colleagues Hans Peter Wucherer and Race secretary Peter Eder for everything.

Deaf European Ski Cup in Unterwasser/Switzerland13.02.2009

I drove at 6 o'clock in the morning in a heavy snowfall to attend the Deaf Europacup skiing event in Unterwasser, Switzerland. There were clubs from France, Austria, Germany, Croatia, Holland, the Czech Republic and Slovenia. I became acquainted with the new president Roland Brunner from Switzerland and discussed the 2012 European skiing championships in Switzerland. I looked at the Super G event. It has unfortunately, 1 1/2 hours time shift because of snow. The afternoon opened with the coordinator Martin Larch's presentation and then a meeting for all clubs was called. The event organizer Toni Koller shared information and plans for the next championship. I have informed both Toni Koller and Martin Larch that they may carry out the World Cup with understanding that if the United States, Canada, Japan and other countries from other regions participate. The advantage would be more financial support to sports federations and sponsors for participating in world-class events. Mr. Larch said that whenever a non-European country participates, it will be automatically called the World Cup, but there is none, the event will remain as Europacup. I plan in the future to promote junior ski championships. I asked at this meeting for the number of Junior skiers? The following countries indicate: Czech Republic: 40, Germany 7, France 1, Austria 6, Switzerland 5, Slovenia 1, Italy-uncertain. All have only estimated numbers but it already shows that we should consider European Junior Ski Championships.

Europe Cup Skicross in Sudelfeld/Germany from 14.02. to 15.02.2009
The German Ski Association and the organizing committee of SC Bad Aibling were pleased to host all the national freestyle associations to attend FIS Freestyle European Cup 2009 at Rankenlift / Sudelfeld on 15 February 2009. Ski Cross is tremendously versatile and offers a huge potential for fun - even for amateur drivers. The stage for the ski-cross-Duels are a mixture of giant slalom and super-G course with spectulative obstacle, branches, waves and steep curves offer hot action as the motocross. I have met the Chief of Competition Hans Gerzer (Skiclub Bad Aibling). There were nations from GER, POL, AUS, FRA, SPA, ITA, KAZ, SUI, CZE, USA, ARG, NED, BLR, GBR, CRO, DAN, and SLO. I worked with FIS TD Hans-Peter Pilz from AUT and controlled the course. Mr. Pilz explained to me what was important. TD Pilz and I controlled FIS Point system between the Computer and Paper and the starting order for Ski Cross. I also worked as assistant starter for Training for 1 X Run and after Qualifcation 1 X Time. It was ineed the most interesting and exciting race, that I have ever seen. Thanks to Europacup organizer Hans Gerzer and FIS TD Hans Peter Pilz for their support and cooperation.

World Junior Champioships in Garmisch/Germany 28.02.- 08.03.2009
2007 Winter Deaflympics 2-time Gold medalist Tereza KMOCHOVA participated in the World Junior Championships. She came at the 23rd place for slalom and 45th place for Giant Slalom of 110 participants.
We have a lot of respect for her!

ICSD Technical Director - Alpine Skiing