Alpine Skiing

By Michael Schmauser

Recently, I attended a 2 day seminar under the International Federation of Skiing (FIS) in Garmisch.

FIS Technical Representative, Peter Krogol, opened the seminar and discussed different points: Report TD - Representative 2008, calculations, quizzes, practical cases, snow conditions, new IWO, timing, medical and security.

Another technical colleague, Rudi Merz, provided a lecture about the FIS UNI. This serves students at the age of 17 -28 years. The 2011 FIS UNI will be held in Erzurum, TURKEY.

The World Championships organizer Walter Vogel informed about preparation of the 2011 World Championships to be held in Garmisch and showed us some movies and pictures of the new course called Kandahar. Then we drove to the new line Kandahar and went to the downhill slope. It looks so difficult and steep.

I would like to see that the first World Deaf Skiing Championships be organized for 2013. Please apply and send to ICSD Office!

Best regards,

ICSD Technical Director - Alpine Skiing