Alpine Skiing

By Michael Schmauser

On 18 March, I flew from Munich to Istanbul, Turkey. Mr Yavuz TANYERI (hearing) met me and the next day we flew to Kars. We met the President of Kars, the President of Sarikamis and Mr. Aktas OTAY of the Turkish Federation of Sports Association. Later the press and a cameraman arrived to make a film and interview.

We stayed in a hotel in Sarakamis Toprak. Mr. TANYERI showed us several hotels and meeting rooms, and he showed me different courses. One course was not suitable and he showed me another course. The other course was good for giant slalom, slalom and Super G and downhill where you have to execute two passes. But there was no ski elevator. Mr. TANYERI said it was ok because he had letters of approval to send to various ministers in the government. A part of the forest must be demolished so a ski elevator can be installed. We will wait for approval. If the ministers do not approve, the course for Alpine Skiing will fail, and there are only facilities for snowboarding and cross country skiing. Dogan OZDEMIR (Executive Committee of ICSD) came on 20 March. I am grateful that he helped us translate. On 21 March I was with Mr. TANYERI to see a cross country route. The route is the best. It is the same competition length as Salt Lake City. However, Yavuz advises, because the track is approximately 2050 meters in altitude, sportsmen may have problems with breathing.

Yavuz has written the protocol in Turkish. I asked him to send an English translation to the ICSD office. On 22 March I flew back to Munich. I thank Dogan OZDEMIR for his full support.

Since that visit, Dogan OZDEMIR wrote to me that an environmental protection association went to court and to prevent the removal of trees in the ski lift course. Therefore the World Deaf Ski Championship 2009 in Turkey is canceled. I ask for new applicants for World Deaf Ski Championships 2010. Please send your application to ICSD Secretariat (

I also met with EDSO President Isabelle MALAURIE in Paris on 10 May. We discussed different topics related to the future of deaf skiing.

ICSD Technical Director - Alpine Skiing