100 Days to Go Celebration!

By Secretariat

To celebrate the 100 Days to Go event, Melbourne Organizing Committee and the local community had a morning of celebration across Melbourne.

From 7.30 am they had M2005 Mascots out at the main train station to greet all the morning commuters and hand them balloons and 100 days to go flags, they then headed to a venue on the Melbourne River, where over 400 people cheered and waved flags as 15 boats came down the river, each one representing the 15 sports at the Deaflympics, with a deaf athlete in each one and colored smoke beaming out of the end of each one depicting the colors of the M2005 logo.

There were some speeches, with many local celebrities and the Mistress of Ceremony was Cindy Lu Fitzpatrick, the Premier of Victoria, the Chair of M2005 and the Executive Officer of Deaf Sport Australia spoke, we then unveiled our Volunteer Uniforms and let down a huge banner with 100 Days to go on it, and let off some huge cannons of confetti.

They also launched the Cultural program by playing an attracitve promotional video.
All of the local media attended, it was a fantastic event and it heralded that last big public event before the Opening Ceremony!